Sliding Carpet™ System

Sliding carpet system


TurnTime Technologies provides powered systems for loading bulk freight in narrowbody aircraft, including our patented Sliding Carpet Loading System and Flexible Loading System. 

The systems reduce the valuable time needed for loading and unloading bags and cargo. It also helps to limit damage to bags, which further reduces costs, while improving an airline’s image.


Other applications available upon request.

New generation Sliding Carpet System featuring;

  • Carbon Fibre Technology in Panels, Moveable Bulkheads and other major parts.
  • Quick-lock attachments – allows the system to be removed and reinstalled in 45 minutes (for C-checks).
  • 40% Weight Reduction with comparison with classic systems


  • Reduced Ground Handling Time
  • Increased Revenue
  • Lower Maintenance Cost
  • Improved Loader Ergonomics
  • Improved Flight Operations
  • Manpower Savings


Step 1

Only one single onboard loader stacks bags and bulk cargo onto the Sliding Carpet.

Step 2

With the push of a button, the loader moves the belt to continue loading. For unloading, the process is reversed.